Lumberjack Cake


Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio / YouTube


Over the years I’ve seen a ton of creative cakes, but none of them have been as unique as this lumberjack cake.

Jen from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio made this adorable lumberjack cake for Canada Day a few years back, but I think it’s perfect for any rustic occasion.


You will need:

  • 4 round cakes: one bright red, two burgundy, and one black.
  • Tan buttercream (she uses vanilla)
  • Brown buttercream (she uses chocolate)
  • Black buttercream
  • Flake bars (or another similar chocolate bar)

Cut the cakes into circles at 1″ increments. You’ll end up with 4 circles for each of the colors. Interchange the rings on each of the cakes like she shows in the video below.

Put a thin layer of black buttercream in between each cake. Once it’s all stacked, use the tan buttercream to cover the top and the brown to cover the sides.

Use a larger serving fork or a toothpick to make rings on the top of the tree trunk, and use a little darker buttercream to fill in the lines. Blend it with a spatula.

Make little grooves or cracks on the top and fill it in with the darker brown as well. Press it in.

Paint a little melted chocolate on the flake bars and use buttercream to stick them to the sides, then that’s it, you’re done!

Whatever you end up making this for, I’m sure it’ll be a hit. Good luck and happy baking!