This Accessible Tiny House Is A Retiree’s Dream


Living Big In A Tiny House / YouTube


A Dream Come True

When it comes to retirement, many of us are scrambling to gather enough funds to make it possible. Not only does this tiny house make it possible, but it makes it a dream come true!

It all started when a daughter wanted a great house for her mother to live in. As her mother got older, she knew that accessibility and ease was something greatly needed.


A Daughter’s Gift

She already built tiny houses for clients, so she knew exactly what to do to give her mother access to her grandchildren while aging gracefully: build her a tiny house right by hers!

This tiny house is accessible, giving independence to those with limited mobility. It comes with a beautiful veranda to look out into nature, a skylight to admire the stars, and plenty of room for crafts!

Everything from the entrance, the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom and more has safety and convenience features to make life easier.

Accessible Amenities

This includes an induction stove that automatically switches off, a movable faucet, a ramp to the entrance, a seated shower and more!

You wouldn’t think all of this could fit in a house so small, but you’d be wrong. The house itself is only 23.5 X 8 ft, and the veranda is only slightly larger, at 23.5 x 10.5 ft.

Not only that, but there are garden beds outside too. What’s not to love about that? All of these gorgeous amenities only cost $150,000 total. That’s it!

Watch Living Big In A Tiny House’s video down below to get more details on this incredible home… I know what I’m doing with my retirement now!