These Tiny Homes Truly Let You Live IN The Country Side


Green Magic Homes / YouTube


Dream Homes

Recently, a friend of mine sent me a video that showed off these gorgeous tiny homes by Green Magic HomesI had never seen anything like it before, but now, I just want one ASAP.


Can you image literally living underneath your garden? What could be better than that?

All sorts of people would adore living in these little guys: people who love the countryside, camping fanatics, Lord Of The Rings fans (come on, I know you see it too), and more.

No matter if you just want to live in the countryside (this time literally), or you want to live like a true hobbit, this is how to do just that.


These fully waterproof homes are neatly built with modular elements made ​​of fibers and resins art. Because of how simplistic the outer design is, you can really make the space your own.

The best part of all of this is how affordable these little houses are. Each one is only $65,000 dollars, and most other places are usually hundreds of thousands of dollars more.

If you’ve got a few days to build it, a place, and $65,000, then you could get one for yourself. I think it’s more than worth it, don’t you?

For more info and a visual, watch Green Magic Homes‘ video below. Then you can get to dreaming of having your own… or even building one!