The Ultimate Guide To Making Macaroni Art


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Macaroni art was the ultimate art project growing up. Parents always said not to play with our food, then we’d be allowed to take one kind of food and make something out of it. So much fun!


Now that times have changed quite a bit. less people are making macaroni art, and personally, I think that’s a travesty. Why aren’t kids doing this anymore?

I think the way to get kids more into macaroni art is to make it more exciting. Don’t get me wrong, I love the original macaroni art we did as kids, but pumping it up a little bit wouldn’t hurt, right?

Here’s the ultimate guide to do just that. First thing’s first: we’ve gotta learn the basics of macaroni art! Watch eHowArtsAndCrafts video below for more on how that’s done. It’s actually incredibly simple.

Now that you’ve got the bare bones out of the way, it’s time to take a look at how you can truly personalize macaroni art and make it a blast for the little ones in your life.

Different Shapes

Using different shapes of pasta can completely change anything you’re making. Use macaroni, penne, wheels, shells… whatever you want!

Different Colors

Don’t have any colored pasta on hand? With some food coloring or paint, your noodles can take on a whole new life. Bright colors make the whole process even more fun!

Glitter and Other Add-Ons

Take that macaroni up a notch by adding glitter, pom poms, and other craft supplies to your art. Who said you had to stick to only macaroni?

Create Sculptures

No one said you had to stick to paper. Glue macaroni on to other things and make 3D pieces of art. It’s a whole lot of fun!


How will you make your macaroni art your own?