The Secret To Washing Precuts & Fat Quarters Without Distortion


SewVeryEasy / YouTube


I like to pre-wash the fabric I use in my quilting. Not only does it feel a bit softer, but there’s much less risk of the fabric bleeding colors together when I put the entire quilt in the wash later on.

The problem with pre-washing is the dilemma of how to do it. If you do it too roughly, you can cause the fabric to distort or fray, so just throwing it in the washer & dryer won’t cut it.


Instead, Laura from SewVeryEasy has come up with the perfect technique to pre-wash fabric. It’s so gentle, that you can even do it with precuts! 

All you need to do is fill a sink up with water, then, lay your fabric flat in the sink and work soap in while the fabric is still flat. Massage the soap in and rinse it out.

If you’re working with precuts, work from the lightest fabric to the darkest so you can use the same water for all of the fabric.

To dry the fabric, Laura has the perfect hack.

Obviously you don’t want to wring out the fabric and risk distorting it, so how can you get it dry without hanging it to dry for hours?

The answer? A salad spinner.

That’s right, just place your fabric in your salad spinner, seal it, spin it, and most of the water will come right off!

Then just lay it flat and it’ll be completely dry in no time at all! Press, then it’s ready to use.

Check out the video below and give this hack a try yourself. It really does work wonders. Thanks, Laura!