The Secret To Replicating A WWII Navy Hammock Will Drop Jaws


Derek Hansen / YouTube,


I’ve always been fascinated with World War II, especially the little details people tend to neglect. One of those details especially is the supplies soldiers used while deployed.

I came across this article by Derek Hansen at The Ultimate Hang, and not only did I learn a little more history, but now I know how to make an authentic WWII Navy hammock, and you can too.

Derek Hansen /

Not only did Derek have some really interesting documentation in his article, but he did a ton of research to make this as authentic as possible, going as far as to buy and sleep in an actual WWII hammock.

Obviously, the hammock he bought is over 50 years old, so it wasn’t going to hold up much longer, but it was so comfortable. That’s when Derek went on a mission to rebuild one of them from scratch.

He said his grandfather served in the Navy during WWII, and he loved his hammock. In fact, his grandfather said some sailors brought their hammock home because they loved them so much.

He made his replica by using the measurements of the vintage hammock he purchased, along with research from additional resources such as HMS Richmond & this photo series.

In the end, he had to take apart some of his vintage hammock and experiment a lot in order to get it right.

Check out Derek’s video below, and click here to see his infographics for building your own!