The Secret To Making Out-Of-This-World Gumbo


Food Wishes / YouTube


Good Ol’ Creole

If you’ve never been down to a bayou before, then you may not be lucky enough to have tried authentic Louisiana gumbo. This Creole food is a classic, and everyone should try it at least once.


So with that in mind, here’s a fantastic recipe for gumbo I found from Chef John at Food Wishes. There are a few different versions of gumbo, but this one will definitely become a favorite once you try it.

How It’s Made

The main thing you need to make this amazing gumbo is a great roux. To make the roux, all you need is vegetable oil and flour.

Cook the flour in hot oil until the flour is a peanut butter brown, which will add a ton of flavor to the gumbo. Add some additional flour to thicken the stew a little more, then you can start working with your veggies.

For all of those, watch the video down below. Serve it up with some rice and you’re good to go!