The Reason Why Joanna Gaines Brought Baby Crew To Work Meetings


Joanna Gaines / Instagram


Joanna Gaines is a powerhouse— she designs, she cooks, she runs multiple businesses, starred in a TV show, is a mother of 5 kids, and she’s written quite a few books.

I don’t think there’s anything this woman can’t do. So it was no surprise to me that right after giving birth to her 5th child, she’s releasing yet another book. 


Born on June 21 of this year, baby Crew is just over 1 month old. That didn’t stop Joanna from finishing her book just as quickly as she would’ve without a 1-month old.

In fact, she even brought Crew to her meetings! In her latest Instagram, you can see the little man in Joanna’s arms while she lays out the book plans with her team. Talk about a super mom!

Her newest book, Homebody, was teased earlier this summer. Joanna and her team just finished the book and sent it off to the printer on August 8, and she couldn’t be any more excited.

Homebody focuses on her personal tips and tricks for creating the perfect space for you. Now that the book has officially made its way to the printer, Joanna reveals she’s hopeful, thankful, and relieved.

“My design book is finally on its way to the printer and we are officially DONE! I couldn’t have done it without this team. We’ve been working on this project for quite some time now and it’s hard to describe what I’m feeling tonight…Thankful. Relieved. Vulnerable. Giddy. Hopeful.”

The heart behind the new book lies in Joanna’s love for the home, and how she feels it’s not only the place where you tell your story, but it’s the most important place on earth.

“I believe Home is the most important place on earth. And at the end of the day, it’s not really all about decorating or even a specific style… it’s about your story. My hope is that this book isn’t just pages filled with pretty pictures but that it is a guide that helps you create a home and space that you truly love.”

Homebody is slated to be released on November 6th. You can preorder the book by clicking here.

Are you excited to learn Joanna’s design tips? I can’t wait to get the farmhouse of my dreams!