The Pattern For This Fresh & Modern Quilt Is Completely Free


SewVeryEasy / YouTube


If there’s anything I love more than quilting, it’s quilting something unique. If there’s anything I love more than quilting something unique, it’s something unique and free.

Laura with Sew Very Easy has shown me countless unique quilts over the years, but this one fits all of the criteria– it’s free too! This number is clean and modern. I love the simplicity of the color scheme!


Instead of green, I used blue fabrics for mine, but the result is gorgeous no matter what you use. There are two main blocks in this quilt pattern, but there’s something very simple and fresh about it.

You can find the free pattern here. I has all of the fabrics, cuts, and stitches necessary to create your blocks.

Laura likes to pre cut all of her fabrics first before she starts her stitching. I highly recommend this as well. It helps with organization a ton, and I feel like I get my blocks done much faster this way.

It may look difficult to achieve this, but with the pattern and Laura’s tips in the video below, you can get this quilt done in no time.

What fabrics will you use?



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