The One Block Wonder: Simple Block Looks Nothing Like The Finished Product


Jordan Fabrics / YouTube


The One Block Wonder

I have never seen a quilt quite as shocking as this one. From afar, the quilt looks like a set of large and small windmills, but would you believe me if I told you only ONE kind of block makes up this quilt?


That’s right, only one kind of block makes large windmills with borders, and small windmills as cornerstones… and it looks nothing like the finished product!

Crazy as it sounds, a simple block that looks nothing like you would think makes a completely unexpected quilt. It’s simply stunning!

This is what your block will look like before you assemble them into the final product. It’s completely different from the windmills you see, and it couldn’t be any easier to make!

Jordan Fabrics / YouTube

Making The Block

If you’d like the written pattern to get the exact measurements and have them on hand, as well as the exact fabrics Donna uses, click here.

Here’s how to make your block. You can make this block in whatever size you’d like, just adjust the measurements Donna gives you to fit your needs.

You’ll be making three strips of equal size: one background strip with a printed triangular corner, one of the same design, just vice-versa fabric, and one printed strip with a background square the same length as the triangle above it.

Sew these three strips together to make your square, then you’ll arrange these trips to make the stunning pinwheels you see in the finished product.

Want more details? Donna has got your back. Just watch the video below!


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