The Most Incredible Pork You’ll Ever Taste Is Cooked In A Pumpkin


Food Wishes / YouTube


As sad as it is, you can’t have candy for dinner on Halloween. Well, you can, but I wouldn’t suggest it. You definitely won’t be feeling too good afterwards.


So if you’d like to have a Halloween meal that won’t make you sick to your stomach, you can still be festive. Just braise some pork in a pumpkin!

That’s right, “Pig In A Pumpkin,” created by Chef John at Food Wishes┬áis a gorgeous way to get in the Halloween spirit without all the sugar, and it’s totally delicious!

If pork isn’t your thing, you can do this with any meat of your choice, just changing spices and cooking time as needed.

If you want to make the pork recipe just like Chef John, here’s what you’ll need:

As for cooking the pork, you’ll want to brown it. Cover it in the spice mixture, let it marinade, then cover it in the flour. Cook in the olive oil until thoroughly browned and crusted.

Then you’ll braise the meat in the pumpkin. To learn the details of the rest of the cooking process, watch the video below and click here to check out Chef John’s blog.

Good luck and Happy Halloween!