How Lightning Can Kill You In Your Own Home


Kevin J Salisbury / Getty Images


With fall on its way very soon, rain is also on its way. I don’t know anybody who is looking forward to the sun being gone again, but regardless, the rain is coming.

Sometimes there’s thunder and lightning with rain. I’ve always been told to stay inside during a thunderstorm, but I never knew you should also stay away from things inside the house!


That’s right, you can actually be struck by lightning while inside your house. It’s incredibly rare, but it can happen, so here’s what you can do during a thunderstorm to prevent injury indoors.

Stay away from water.

That means stay away from showering, washing dishes, or anything else involving running water. Water conducts electricity, especially tap water, which often has little metal particles in it.

Stay away from wires and outlets.

Now is not the time to charge your phone or heat yourself up with an electric blanket. If you want to watch TV, use the remote or an already charged laptop. These wires can conduct the lightning to you.

When the rain comes, make sure to follow these tips. Lightning strikes are rare, but they can be deadly, so it’s important to take all precautions.

Stay safe!