The Easiest Thing You’ll Ever Make Glows In The Dark


Nava Hannah / YouTube


Doing a DIY project is so much fun, but sometimes it can be a little overwhelming. Buying all of the supplies, getting all the steps right, and finding the time to get it done can be a problem.

That’s why I love DIYs like this one.


This glowing fairy light jar only takes 3 materials to make: a mason jar, glow in the dark paint, and a paint brush. If you want to do her optional step and make a glitter lid, you’ll need some school glue and some glitter.

For the jar itself, all you need to do is squirt out some paint in varying colors on a work surface. Then use your paint brush to dot all around the inside of the jar.

YouTuber Nava Hannah, who created a tutorial for these jars, suggests working with one color at a time for the best results. Work from the bottom of the jar upward to avoid smearing.

The jar doesn’t take much time to make. Just dot your paint, wait for it to dry, and it’s ready to use. This DIY lasts as long as the paint will, so you’ll probably end up having these for years!

This is probably the easiest DIY I’ve ever done, but it looks so much harder to make than it is. That’s why I love it so much!

Once all of the dots dry, the end result is gorgeous. It’s a great decoration for any part of your house: the bed room, the living room, even your front porch. And I promise, anyone who sees it will probably react like this.

Check out Nava’s video below and get glowing!