The DIY Collar Better Than Any You’ll Find At The Pet Store


Sea Lemon / Youtube


Finding the perfect size collar for your dog can be a little challenging. Finding one in the perfect size that you actually like is even more challenging.

Take my chihuahua for example. He’s on his way to 10 years old now, and with his age he’s gained a decent amount of weight. Now his old collars don’t fit his little sausage neck, but the next size up is just a little too loose.


Making your own collar always seemed a little tough. What materials do you use? How do you make sure it’s sturdy? How much time is this going to take?

Then I discovered you can make a customized collar with paracord. It’s so much easier to do than any sewing pattern, and you don’t need a lot to make it!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Paracord
  • A side release buckle, preferably curved. Metal or durable plastic works (size depends on dog)
  • A D ring (size depends on dog)
  • Measuring tape

Measure your dog’s neck and do the appropriate measurements to get the appropriate amount of paracord for your collar, taking the buckle into account and making sure the collar isn’t too tight.

Fold your paracord in half and push the loop where the halves meet through one end of the buckle. Then stick the ends through the loop and pull in the opposite direction. This will tie the paracord to your buckle and then you can start your braid pattern.

She has two different techniques for braiding: trilobite for larger dogs, and fishtail for smaller dogs. Either one will work, but the trilobite is a bit sturdier.

Braiding the collar is super easy, and once that’s done, you” attach the other end of the buckle. Once you secure that, you’re done!

Be sure to share this with anyone you know with a furry friend. Need a leash to go along with your new collar? Check out a tutorial for an awesome DIY leash here!