The Cutest Holiday Table Runner Is Also The Easiest


Fos & Porter / YouTube


The Perfect Holiday Meal

Every holiday meal needs more than just food. It needs ambiance, a table setting that that brings all of the love of the season with it.

That’s why a table runner like this one is absolutely perfect for when your family and friends come over to eat. Not only is it adorable and functional, but it’s packed with holiday spirit!


How It’s Made

The best part? It’s incredibly easy to make, almost unbelievably so. All you need to do is stitch up some cute little triangles, made out of other triangles, and stitch all of those together.

The end result is a gorgeous, fun table runner than everyone will notice while they’re eating. You can use any fabrics you’d like to create whatever holiday vibe you’re going for.

Find The Right Pattern For You

For the people at Fons & Porter, they went for a ton of green and red patterns, with a splash of red and blue here and there. I stuck with red, green, and gold for mine, with two patterns and a solid.

Once you figure out what you want to make it into, watch the video down below, and give it a shot yourself!