The Crazier The Drunkard’s Path, The Easier It Is To Make: Here’s Proof


SewVeryEasy / YouTube


A drunkard’s quilt is one of the most popular and well-known quilt patterns out there. There’s a ton of ways to do this quilt, but my favorite is the super drunk way.

No, I’m not talking about quilting after having few too many glasses of wine, I mean taking a regular drunkard’s quilt and making it even crazier.


I found a tutorial for “A Really Drunk Drunkard’s Path” from Laura with SewVeryEasy. All of her tutorials are incredible, but this one is so simple!

What you’re gonna do is create a few simple blocks with circles in the center. Start with three squares of fabric the same size. Put some fusible interfacing on one of the squares.

Then, cut a circle out of that square. You can use a stencil or a special ruler for this. Iron the circle on to one of the squares of fabric. Take the third piece of fabric and iron that on to the back of the cut fabric.

Now you should have two circled blocks. Cut those into halves and quarters, then arrange them as haphazardly as you can. I like Laura’s method for this quite a bit.

Sew together your quilt top, add your batting, backing, and border, and you’re done!

Check out this tutorial below and get yours started!