The Bizarre Bag Hack That Will Have You Throwing Out Your Fly Swatters


1BettyBill / YouTube


No one likes having bugs around. They drone in your ear, can ruin your food, and worst of all, they can spread disease. They’re at their prime during the summer, so I’ve tried a ton of ways to get rid of them.

Bug zappers, fly swatters, bug spray, mosquito nets… obviously these all work, but sometimes you just don’t have them on hand. So instead of slapping bugs away from your food and your skin, try this.


Grab a gallon plastic bag and fill it up about halfway with a little bit of water. Then, drop in a few pennies, or whatever other coins you have laying around.

It sounds absolutely crazy, but if you seal this up well and hang it up, it will ward off bugs!

No one knows why this is, but there are two possible theories:

  • The glare of the coins in the water might bother insects eyes, so they stay away.
  • The insects can’t understand that the bag of water is a bag of water, and they think it’s a massive spider web, so they stay away.

The point is, they stay away.

Regardless of the reasoning, I’m thankful for this hack! I already had everything I needed, it’s easy to make and take down, and now I don’t have flies!

What bug-banishing method do you like to use?