The Best & Easiest DIY Bird Feeders Are Made From Ice Cream Cones


Joy Cone Co. Ice Cream Cones / Facebook, Asai Thambi / Facebook

Rinto Ae / YouTube

I love using bird feeders, especially during the spring and summer. It’s relaxing to just sit back and watch the birds fly by, land, eat, and go on their merry way.


I’ve found a bird feeder that isn’t only easy to make, but that birds absolutely adore. The main material? An ice cream cone. It’s insanely simple to take some leftovers from your favorite summer treat and turn it into something special for your feathery friends!

Want to make your own? Simple! Let’s start with grabbing your supplies and then get building.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own little bird feeders:

  • ice cream cones of choice (both sugar and waffle cones work)
  • smooth peanut butter (the more natural, the better)
  • birdseed
  • twine, yarn, or string to hang it up

This DIY couldn’t be any easier: First, take your ice cream cone and slather it in peanut butter as much or as little as you’d like. Cover than peanut butter in birdseed.

Then, poke holes in the cone and thread your twine, yarn, or string through the holes to hang it up. Hang up your ice cream cones on branches or on your porch or balcony.

Asai Thambi / Facebook

Sit back and relax. Watch the birds fly and eat from the ice cream cones. Not only is it adorable to watch, but it’s super satisfying to know you’re helping keep nature going.

Check out the video below by Claire Risper to watch others make these adorable bird feeders. Then, get started on your own!