The “1 Fish, 2 Fish” Quilt Combines Personality & Ease


Jordan Fabrics / YouTube


I love quilts that have a ton of personality. Whether it’s a crazy pattern with a bright fabric, or a pattern that depicts something or someone, I can’t get enough of these quilting patterns.

I also am obsessed with an easy-to-make quilt: nobody wants to spend so much time on a project that they give up altogether! I found a quilt that combines both personality and ease: a fish quilt!


To make this adorable fish quilt, aptly called “1 Fish, 2 Fish,” you’ll need an ocean-like background and a strip set with contrasting color for the fish. You’ll need 26 strips in total.

The strips will be used to create a giant half square triangle, made out of additional triangles, strips, and half square triangles. Trust me, it sounds a lot more complicated than it actually is to make.

This block takes quite a few stitches to complete, but it’s incredibly easy, and once you’re done and you stitch together all of the little fish and ocean pieces, it’s absolutely precious.

You can even make this quilt easier on yourself by making the fish solid colors, meaning you’ll use less strips and do less stitching!

Donna from Jordan Fabrics makes this cute little quilt in the tutorial below. It’s super simple to follow and your finished product will end up looking exactly how you imagined it!

How are you going to make this fish quilt your own?