Teen Makes Intricate Prom Gown From Scratch


ciara gan / Twitter


Prom Excitement

Prom season is a time most high schoolers look forward to every year. It’s a great way to celebrate the end of the school year, or even the end of your high school career.


There’s nothing quite like prom– asking someone or being asked, shopping for your outfit, and perfecting your look before dancing the night away. For those who choose to wear one, finding the perfect prom dress is probably the most important thing.

For her graduation ball (an event similar to prom at her school), Ciara Gan decided to get the most customized, beautiful gown she could… by making it herself!

Viral Sensation

That’s right. In addition to sewing up the gown from scratch, she hand painted over 80 custom flowers, and added crystals to those flowers.ย She even designed the gown completely by herself!

This impressive feat made her a viral sensation overnight. Her original tweet has garnered more than 394,000 likes and counting, and people took notice.

She made a ton of appearances on her local news stations as well as other stations all around the world, being praised for her artistic talents and sewing abilities.

After her news appearances, hundreds of people were wondering how Ciara pulled off the creation of this beautiful dress. Luckily, she appeased the masses and showed them how the dress was made.

The video, available below as well as on her YouTube channel, now has over 4.8 million views. Needless to say, commenters were beyond impressed.

With the YouTube tutorial available, Ciara has made it possible for millions of teens to achieve their perfect prom dress… and even DIY that perfect dress if they want to!

Sure, not everyone will want to sew up their dress from scratch, but it sure has given a ton of people some DIY inspiration. If I could do prom all over again, I may have given this a shot!

What would you use to personalize your own perfect prom gown?