Tasseled Earrings: A Trend Made At Home


Lindsay Brooke / YouTube


Tasseled earrings are a pretty big trend right now. I see my friends wearing them all the time, I see them in fashion magazines, and I see them on celebrities constantly.

The problem was a lot of these earrings were expensive and definitely not worth the money. Over $20 a pair for earrings made of string? Not really my cup of tea.


So I thought “why not make it myself?” and I’m so glad I did. I found a tutorial online and making them couldn’t have been any easier.

First you need to make some tassels. Start with some embroidery thread and fold it in half. Unfold it, then take a scrap piece of fabric and tie it together where the fold was.

Then fold the thread in half again, and use another pieceĀ  of thread to tie it together into a little bundle. Grab some scissors and cut the bottom until it forms an even tassel.

You can brush it out to fluff it up, and apply super glue or nail glue over the knots you secured for more staying power. You can also use different colored thread to secure the top and add a pop of something different.

To make the earrings, make multiple tassels like this, then use a needle and additional thread to string these tassels together.

Finally, use that thread to string on a jump ring, attach that to an earring hook, and you’re done!

I’ve made some of these for myself and for friends, and it’s cost me less than $5 a pair! They makeĀ great gifts and I can’t stop making them.

For a visual on how to do this, check out the video below and get started!

What colors are you going to use for yours?