Table or Disco Ball? This Cheap DIY Nightstand Is A Bit Of Both


HGTV Handmade / YouTube


Mirrored mosaic is one of the most beautiful things I see on decor and furniture. It gives anything it covers a beachy, glittering, or disco-esque touch.

Believe it or not, making something with this artistic technique is pretty simple and extremely inexpensive. One of the projects that I’ve fallen in love with and decided to give a shot is a this mosaic night stand.


This is what you need to make this night stand:

  1. 1 thrift store night stand
  2. Blank CDs
  3. Hot glue
  4. White chalk paint
  5. Paint brush &/or Foam roller
  6. Heavy duty scissors
  7. Wire cutters
  8. Painters tape
  9. Cleaning solution

Optional: sandpaper, wood glue, or anything else necessary to fix any broken or jagged spots.

Prep the surface of your thrift store night stand by using your cleaning solution to remove any dust, dirt, or grime left on the surface. If you’d like to sand down the night stand, you can do that as well.

Use painter’s tape to cover any areas you don’t wish to paint, like the inside of a drawer. Wood glue any broken areas.

Then remove the drawer handle if necessary. Paint your night stand with your paint brush/roller. Apply as many coats as necessary to get an opaque layer.

HGTV Handmade / YouTube

Take your wire cutters and scissors to cut up your CDs into little triangles and squares. Hot glue these pieces to your table. Once dry, rub your hand over it to remove the little strands left over from the glue.

Once you reattach the handle, the paint is dry, and you remove your painters tape, you’re done!

You’ll be dying to show this off when it’s finished. I know I did!