Syrian Soap Making Is The Coolest Thing You’ll See Today




Soap making has been a passed-down tradition for centuries in areas all over the world. Some of the most amazing soaps come from Syria.

The city of Aleppo is famous for producing an all-natural soap that people all over the world have adored for centuries. Syrian company Pearl Soap opened in 1945 and uses this age-old method in its products.


Here’s how they make this handmade treasure.

First, they press and gather all-natural olive oil from the region. Once that’s collected, they boil it in a large vat with water, lye, and laurel oil. They boil these ingredients for three days straight.

They pour the mixture over large sheets of wax paper, and workers evenly spread and smooth it out. Once it’s spread, they leave it to cool and harden for a full day.

They then cut the soap into cubes, using a rake-like device with wheels. One worker pulls the device, and another stands on its head to put pressure on the soaps.

Once this is done, each soap is stamped by hand with the company’s logo. The cubes are then stacks and left to dry for six to nine months.

Syrian soap looks like a true luxury. Would you try this over your go-to soap?