Sweet & Spooky Cake Pops Are The Only Halloween Treat You Need


Living to DIY with Rachel Metz / YouTube


Cake pops: they’re all the rage right now. I feel like I see them at every gathering, and they’re used just as much for decoration as they’re used to feed people.


Making a basic cake pop is beyond easy: just bake a cake of your choice (more power to you if you make one from scratch, but a lot of cake pops are made from box cakes!), crush it up, and add frosting!

Once you add the frosting to the cake crumbs, you can mix it in, roll it all together, and press it into a ball.

Then, it’s all about the decorating. For Halloween, cake pops are perfect, because you can turn them into so many adorably spooky things!

Living to DIY with Rachel Metz creates a ton of adorable designs for Halloween: an eyeball, a pumpkin, cauldrons, and more!

In the videos below, she shows you how to achieve perfect cake pop designs. The main trick to keep in mind is to shake off excess chocolate once you dip the cake pops– you don’t want it to pool!

I’ve also seen Frankenstein’s monster, ghost cake pops, and more. The options are truly endless, and I love how creative you can get!

Check out Rachel’s videos, or look up other designs, and give this easy DIY a try!