Sweet Potatoes Surprisingly Kick Your Southern Biscuits Up A Notch


Food Wishes / YouTube


Biscuits are the side dish everyone should have on their Thanksgiving table. Need a way to make them even better? Is it even possible?

It is possible, and all you need are some sweet potatoes.


Chef John from Food Wishes created this awesome recipe, and I couldn’t love them even more. Here’s how you make them.

Ingredients for the biscuits:

If you’d like to make the pomegranate spread he makes:

Making the biscuits are super simple. Peel and cook your sweet potatoes in highly salted water. Drain and mash them, then let it cool to room temp before using it in your biscuits.

Combine the other ingredients with the potatoes, leaving out the flour and the butter. In a separate bowl, grate frozen butter into your flour. Mix it together until the butter is coated with the flour.

Then make a well in the center for your chilled sweet potato mixture. Then, you’ll use a very specific technique Chef John outlines in the video below.

For details on how to create the perfect biscuit and the pomegranate spread, watch the video or click here to go to his blog.