Super-Talented Woman Sculpts Tiny Versions Of Rock Icons By Hand


Juliana LePine Sculptures- ENGLISH / YouTube


I grew up listening almost exclusively to classic rock: The Beatles, Queen, Guns N Roses, and more. There’s something so timeless about those songs, as well as the people who were in the bands.

Obviously, this artist agrees with me. So much so in fact that she’s dedicated her life to making these icons into little sculptures!


Her name is Juliana LePine, and she packs more talent into a tiny sculpture than I would be able to do in something 5 times the size. It’s insane.

These sculptures pack an immense amount of detail into just 18 cm. They’re made out of polymer clay, along with a bendy metal frame and other materials.

She not only adds the hair by hand and creates detailed accessories for every piece, but she does it with a ridiculously steady hand and very tiny tools, making it look like she simply shrunk that person.

Some icons she has sculpted include Axl Rose, Slash, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and Freddie Mercury, among others.

Slash took notice to her work and even signed her spot-on sculpture of him! Rock icons are her specialty, but LePine also sculpts movie characters of her choice, and does commissions.

In addition to those, LePine also recently ventured on a project to sculpt survivors of domestic violence, telling their story through her art.

LePine is definitely an artistic force to be reckoned with. Whether you’re a massive rock & roll fan or just appreciate the type of art she does, there’s something everyone can love about her work.

If you’re into her work as much as I am, you can check out her Instagram page by clicking here, or her YouTube page by clicking here.

Want to see her in action? Watch her sculpt the incomparable Freddie Mercury in the video below!