Super-Sized Lone Star Quilt Is Stunning & Done In A Flash


SewVeryEasy / YouTube


Usually when it comes to quilting, you need to tediously work on block after block until you finish a quilt top. Sometimes, I just want to make one massive block and be done with it.


Lone star quilts are one of the most common patterns in quilting. A lone star quilt with a ton of little stars building the block is more common, but Laura from SewVeryEasy created a new version.

This massive lone star quilt is made up of 8 huge points. Each point is made up of two equal triangles using two different fabrics per point.

Laura uses a template to accomplish this, but as long as each of your points is made of two obtuse triangles of the same size, you should be fine.

She also uses 3 different borders to create this finished quilt, so in total, she uses 6 different fabrics. The variations are all up to you!

Once you do choose those fabrics, you can begin your quilt. Whether you purchase a template or buy your own, this quilt is sure to add a charming spark to your bed, wall, or any other space.

A quilt like this is definitely worth waking, and suited for any skill level. I’m definitely glad I made mine!

Give this easy pattern a try, and happy quilting!