Summer Heat Is Here– Keep Your Cool With An Easy Caftan


SewVeryEasy / YouTube


The summer heat is here, and that means it’s time to cool off at the beach or the pool. If you don’t want to wear just your bathing suit out but still want to keep your cool, do I have the project for you.

Laura with SewVeryEasy  created this adorable caftan to wear during the hot months. It makes a great coverup, and is breathable enough to keep you cool.


Want one? Laura’s tutorial makes it super simple to make. Here’s how.

First, click here to get Laura’s free pattern for the neckline. To make this, you’ll need some double gauzed cotton in 2 colors/prints. A good needle to use with this is a 70/10, with an all purpose thread.

If you’d like, you can get some thin rope with beading from the fabric store for an extra touch. Any other decorative touches, like embroidery for example, would look good on this.

Once you have your materials, you’ll need your measurements and there are only two of them: shoulder size and length of the garment. Cut one piece of fabric in this size.

Fold the fabric in half twice, once vertically and once horizontally, in order to find the middle of the garment. With a separate piece of fabric, take the pattern and make two of the pieces for the neck.

Stitch the two pieces together around the outside. Take this piece and place it on the middle of the larger piece of fabric from before.

Cut the hole out of the middle plus the V for the neck, then stitch on both the outside and inside to keep it in place. For the sleeves, take some of the same fabric you used and cut two strips, 2″X24″.

Fold them in half, then stitch the ends. Press, then take the center of the seam and stitch it to the shoulder seam of the main garment. The seam allowance will be about 1/2″.

Flip it inside out, do one more top stitch, and you’re done!

Watch Laura’s tutorial below to get some more details on this super simple project. Have fun with it, and stay cool this summer!