Purse Is Made Entirely From Recycled Denim Jeans


Suart86 / YouTube


The Purse Dilemma

Purses are so expensive. Cheaper ones are often made of plastics and chemicals. It’s usually a few hundred, even a few thousand dollars for a good purse that will stay together for years to come.


I’m happy to say that if you have an old pair of jeans you can make a stylish, durable, and organic purse. No more expensive bags, no more random materials that you can’t identify, just a cute purse.

Denim goes with practically everything, which is something I adore about this project. That, and I feel like almost everyone has an old pair of jeans laying around, making it incredibly accessible!

How It’s Made

Suart86 has created an awesome video tutorial to illustrate how to make this purse, and it involves absolutely no sewing.

Obviously if you want the purse to be even more durable, I would reinforce every glued-down area with some stitching. Plus, I just love sewing, so why not, you know?

So if you’d like to learn how to make this yourself, watch the video below, grab your scissors, some jeans, some hot glue, and a needle and thread, and you can get started on making your own!

Good luck!