Stunning Stars, Stripes and Diamonds Quilt Is Great For Beginners


Man Sewing / YouTube


Stars, Stripes, & Diamonds

I’ve found it. An easy-to-make quilt with the perfect mixture of blocks, making a uniquely beautiful quilt top that any quilter would be envious of!


This magnificent quilt is so easy, beginners can do it. If you’re a beginning quilter, you can make this, and so many people will be impressed with your result. They’ll think you’re an expert!

You’ll be making 3 blocks in order to put together this full quilt top: one that’s simply some diagonal stripes, one that’s a star with framed corners, and one that’s a diamond with framed corners.

The result of these 3 together? A stunning quilt that Rob Appell from Man Sewing appropriately calls “Stars, Stripes and Diamonds.” 

Do you wanna make this beauty yourself? I don’t blame you. Let’s get started on making the quilt!

Block One: The Diagonal Stripes

Believe it or not, all it takes to make this block is a ton of tiny half square triangles. You’ll lay them out back and forth to create the stripes, just like Rob shows in the video.

Block Two: The Star With Framed Corners

Just like the block above, this block is made from half square triangles! This time, though, you’ll arrange a lot of this facing one another to make the star. Easy!

Block Three: The Diamond With Framed Corners

It probably comes as no surprise to you that this one is also made of those same little half square triangles. This arrangement is back and forth, forming the diamond in the middle. Watch the video below for more!


Combine the three blocks together like Rob shows in the video below, add a border or two, some batting and some backing fabric. You can add some free motion if you’d like, and you’re done!

Watch the tutorial and get started on making your own!