Stunning Star Quilt Celebrates The Season In A Surprising Way


SewVeryEasy / YouTube


When you think Christmas, you think of red and green, twinkling golden lights, and silvery tinsel. That’s why when I saw this quilt, I was surprised it was so Christmasy.

This black, white, and gray quilt gives off a wintery vibe that I just can’t describe. Obviously when you look at it, you understand what I mean. It’s gorgeous isn’t it?


Laura Ann Coia from Sew Very Easy creates this quilt out of large blocks with 3 different designs: a sort of variation of a 9-patch, a Chevron, and a solid block in the middle to tie it all together.

The result is a star-like block that’s intricate and beyond beautiful. Luckily, all of the blocks needed to make the finished product are super easy… one of the blocks doesn’t even need any cutting or sewing!

Once you finish up each individual block, it’s all about the arrangement to get this quilt looking properly festive. Have the Chevron arrows pointing inward to the center block, and that will form the star.

As for the 9-patch variations, it’s really an 8-patch, since one of the little pieces is a strip that matches the center block. Have those strips facing outward when putting the final block together.

Want some more pointers? Then watch Laura stitch up this block in the video below. Trust me, it’s much easier than it looks!


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