Spinning Stars: Half Square Triangles & Other Well-Known Blocks


Jordan Fabrics / YouTube


Spinning Stars

This may be one of the most beautiful quilts I have ever seen. Not only are the fabrics colorful, bright, and beautiful, but the pattern is completely unique and something you can’t help but stare at.


It’s called “spinning stars” quilt and it’s a real stunner.┬áDonna Jordan from Jordan Fabrics is back again with the tutorial for this beauty, and as per usual, she makes it so easy for any quilter to sew.

Donna uses bright blue fabrics to make this quilt design really pop, but you can obviously choose the color(s) based on your taste. I stuck with similar fabrics because I loved the original design.

If you want to use exactly what Donna uses to make this quilt, Jordan Fabrics offers a bundle on their website that has all of the same fabrics. All you need is backing fabric. Click here to check it out!

Otherwise, you will need the following: a fat quarter bundle (16 pieces), 1 1/8 yards of background fabric (she uses white), 1/2 yard of inner border fabric, 1 3/4 yard outside border, and 5/8 yard binding.

Now that you’ve gathered your supplies, let’s get started on making this bad boy, shall we?

How It’s Made

The majority of this block is going to be a variation of a half square triangle. One of the two triangles, however, is made up of two equal triangles, one of which is background fabric.

Another type of block that forms the final block is a corner block. Only one-fourth of the block will be a colored square. The rest is background fabric.

Now for the center. All you need is a half square triangle that will add on to the other blocks. Sew this all together with the other blocks, and your big block is done!

Watch Donna stitch up this quilt below, then get to making your own. Prettiest quilt ever, am I right?