Stunning Mosaic Quilt Is The Easiest Spring Project Ever


Quiltmaker Mag / YouTube


Spring Mosaic

For spring, I wanted to make a no-fuss quilt that’s just as beautiful as it is simple to make. I found it pretty quickly in this mosaic quilt.


Paula Stoddard with Quiltmaker Magazine shows us how to make this adorable quilt in her video tutorial, and provides links to a physical pattern as well for added ease.

If you’d like to create this quilt yourself, you can obviously wing it if you’d like to, but you can also find an exact pattern for this quilt by clicking here.

How It’s Made

Regardless of how you decide to make this quilt, the execution is simple. There are solid blocks, both background and colored/patterned fabrics, as well as half square triangles made from the two.

The only real sewing you’ll be doing is for the half square triangles, a simple block you can sew in a flash. Do the usual 4 at once method for this.

Start with two different squares right sides together, then draw two diagonal lines forming an “X” in the middle. Sew on each side of those two lines, trim and press, and there’s 4 half square triangles!

As for the arrangement, that’s where things get a bit more complicated. The placement varies greatly from row to row, and at first glance, there’s no real discernible pattern.

With the help of this video tutorial and the written pattern, you can sew up this beautiful quilt in no time. Watch Quiltmaker Mag‘s video below to get started on your own!

Good luck and happy quilting!