Stitch Up Customized Stockings In Just A Few Minutes


National Sewing Circle / YouTube


Stockings are a necessity when it comes to Christmas decorations. If you decorate your house for Christmas and don’t have stockings hanging up, then you aren’t done decorating, period.


If you’re in need of stockings, don’t buy those cheap ones at the drugstore. Instead, create your own from scratch! Not only do they add a personal touch to your home, but they last way longer.

The best part? They’re super easy to make! Make one for every family member with a little personal touch in just a few minutes!

To make the perfect stocking set, start first by creating a pattern for your fabric. This is easy: just use a piece of cardboard and cut out a stocking shape. Easy!

Then, grab some fabric for the outside, some lining fabric, and a little bit for fabric for the loop up top (you’ll use this to hang the stockings on your fireplace/mantle).

Grab any extra fabric for decorating the stocking, and then you’ll get to stitching.

First, you’ll cut out two pieces of outside fabric with your pattern. Make sure you flip the pattern over so both sides of the stocking are right sides out.

From there, you’ll cut your lining as well, and your little loop. To stitch it all together, watch the video down below from National Sewing Circle. You’ll be done in a flash!

Happy Holidays!


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