Stitch Up A Tiny Sweater To Keep Your Pup Warm


Annika Victoria / YouTube


With the weather getting colder by the day, it’s time to bundle up as much as possible. Not just you, but your dog, too!

If you don’t have a pup with super thick fur, a sweater can actually be beneficial to them. It’ll help keep them warm when it’s cold– and it looks super cute!


Making a sweater for a dog is actually incredibly simple. It’s one of the easiest projects I’ve done. Not only is it a pretty small project, but it’s a quick one, too.

First, make sure your dog is actually in need of a sweater. Huskies and other thick-fur dogs don’t need them, and they can overheat. Consult your vet before you make anything.

Now you’ve got to create a pattern. If your dog already has an outfit, you can use that to create your pattern. Otherwise, you’ll want to take some measurements and make a pattern.

Once you take the pattern, you’ll want to note a couple of things: the stretch of your fabric, for example, allows you to know how large of a seam allowance you will need.

You can recycle an old sweater to make this adorable dog outfit, so get out those old outfits and get ready to sew!

Watch Annika Victoria‘s video below to learn how. Good luck!