“Stash Bustin’ Pinwheel Quilt” Is An Easy & Colorful Way To Use Those Scraps


Sew Yeah / YouTube


Colorful Scrap Buster

Are you a fan of big, colorful, abstract quilts? Me too. I love seeing what I can create with crazy fabrics, especially if it goes through some fabric I need to use!


No one likes having a million fabric scraps leftover, and no one ever really knows what to do with them. In fact, those scraps can really start to pile up after a while.

That is, unless, you find a quilt to make like this one. Brody from Sew Yeah! quilting uses his scraps to create an amazing “Stash Bustin’ Pinwheel” quilt.

Not only is this gorgeous, colorful quilt an easy way to slash through those fabric scraps, it’s an easy quilt to make, too!

Here’s How It’s Done

First, you’re going to need to do some fabric cuts to get started. The pinwheels themselves are made from triangles and strips of fabric. No matter the types of fabric, just cut the sizes Brody suggests and it’ll work.

If you can make a half square triangle, this pinwheel is gonna be a breeze– even the tinier pinwheel on this inside of the block!┬áBlock by block, you’ll notice it begin to come together.

It really couldn’t be any easier. Watch Brody’s video below and get started on your own. Happy quilting!

What fabrics will you use for yours?