Stacked Squares: An Easy Free Motion For Any Quilt


Angela Walters / YouTube


Stacked Squares

When it comes to free motion quilting, most people like to stick to the basics. Who wants any extra work on a quilt you already slaved over? Not me.

Just because you want simplicity doesn’t mean you can’t go all out with your free motion. In fact, some of the easiest free motions add the most personality… like these stacked squares!


Even without the technique that Angela Walters suggests in her YouTube tutorial below, it’s super simple to do.

The Secret

Angela’s secret is a curved square rule that she designed, called the “shorty.” You can purchase that ruler by clicking here.

If buying the ruler isn’t your thing, you can always use a regular ruler and freehand the curve, or create your own ruler out of cardboard or plastic!

From here, just move the template over and repeat the process over and over until you’re satisfied with your free motion.¬†With the right fabric, it can end up looking a little like stone work!

I love this free motion so much, and it goes with so many block types. I really like using this on the borders of quilts for a little extra personality.

Just give this a try yourself and you’ll be using it all the time. Watch the video below to learn how!