Spring Twist Quilt Is The Easiest Project You’ll Do All Season


Missouri Star Quilt Company / YouTube


Spring Twist

Jenny Doan from Missouri Star Quilt Company is back at it again with yet another awesome tutorial. I love all of the unique patterns she shares with us, and this one is no different.


It’s called the spring twist, and it’s just as easy as it is beautiful. With just a few simple strips of fabric and a couple of little triangles, your quilt block is done.

Wanna learn how to make it yourself? Let’s start by grabbing your supplies. You’ll need the following:

Missouri Star Quilt Company / YouTube

Now that you’ve grabbed all of the supplies you’ll need, let’s get started making this baby, shall we?

How It’s Done

Making this block is surprisingly simple. Begin by cutting 3 equal strips that will form a square when laid side by side. Once you’ve cut that out, you only have one more little thing to do.

Add small triangles to the top and bottom strips! Do it kind of as if you’re making half square triangles so the corner piece is a right triangle. 

Once you add the triangle to your two strips, sew your plain strip in the middle, then have the two triangles form a diagonal line (as shown in the diagram above), before sewing them in place.

Now that the strips are sewn in place, your block is done. From here, it’s all in the arrangement to form those mini pinwheels that act almost as cornerstones.

Basically, for each row of blocks, you’ll have the strips facing horizontal, then you’ll have it vertical, then horizontal, and so on and so forth.

Watch Jenny get to making this quilt in the video below, then you can make your own! Good luck and happy quilting!


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