Space-Saver: How To Build A Sofa & Storage Bed In One


Ana White / YouTube


Oh So Useful

Growing up, I had a bed with a pull out trundle that allowed friends who spent the night to have their own mattress to sleep on. As an adult, I kind of wanted the same thing.

Not only does a pull out bed save space, but it’s a great way to be prepared for guests. Especially with tiny houses and apartments, these can be lifesavers.


How It’s Built

You can also build a sofa out of it, making it do double duty for use as well!

For the design, the storage portion is built mainly out of 1 x 8s, with a middle support to splice the plywood on. It also acts as a mattress support for the center.

Another support for the mattress is the top and bottom of the storage space, made out of 3/4″ plywood. There are also 2 x 4s on the ends to hold the castor wheels in.

An Easy Build

There are also some wheels, some hinges and screws, and so on. There are a ton of diagrams in the video below that show this simple process from start to finish.

It’s functional, space-saving, and perfect for a tiny house or guest bed option. No matter what your needs are and why you decided to build it, it’s going to be incredibly useful for you.

Watch Ana White‘s video down below to get started on building your own!