Soon, You’ll Be Able To Eat Real Meat From An Animal That’s Still Alive


Hero Images / Getty Images, Curly Courland Photografy / Getty Images


A New Way To Eat Meat

Slaughter animals all over the world may rejoice very soon, because we’re getting to a point where we may not need to slaughter animals to eat meat.


That’s right, you won’t need to slaughter an animal in order to eat meat. How, you ask?

By using modern technology to lab grow meat! It may sound a little unusual, but it’s completely possible, and companies are closing in on a way to do this cheaply, ethically, and easily!

One of those companies is Just, a company determined to get people the food that they want in the most environmentally friendly, animal friendly, and wallet friendly ways possible.

How They Do It

First, a sample is collected from an animal. This could be a feather from a chicken, some muscle cells from a cow, or a ton of other things. Regardless, it doesn’t hurt the animal it comes from!

From here, those cells are “tricked” into thinking they’re still inside the body, forcing them to multiply the way they do inside the body of the animal. After a while, the meat is born.

There are some obvious drawbacks to this: currently, it’s expensive, it’s hard to do without using animal blood, and it’s not exactly like a piece of meat– at least, not yet.

Just, and other companies like it, are coming up with incredible innovations. In fact, they think they’ll have a product ready for the market by the end of 2018!

Would you eat lab grown meat?