So Easy – Build Modern Planter Boxes You Can’t Help But Show Off


Shara Woodshop Diaries / YouTube


Front Porch Planters

When it comes to the plants surrounding my front door, I want there to be some sense of uniformity. At the same time, I want a variety of different plants to give my front porch some personality.


The solution? These DIY planter boxes. Not only are the a gorgeous modern design, but it creates a cohesive look to your front porch plants all the while allowing you to keep the variety.

Though these are perfect front porch planters, they also make great planters for the backyard, a big open window, or anywhere else you need a little style!

The best part about these planters is how easy they are to make. Shara Woodshop Diaries on YouTube shows us how in one of her video tutorials.

She suggests changing the measurements for a variety of shapes and sizes. To make it even easier, she provided her followers with building plans for the planters. You can grab those by clicking here.

I’m sure you want to get started on building your own planters, so here’s how!

Building The Planters

First, you’ll need to cut your pieces of wood according to the cut list provided by Shara Woodshop Diaries building plans. Once you do that, you can begin building.

Begin by building the frame of your planter. Then cut and build your box panels separately. Paint your frame, add any weather proofing you may like, and once it’s dry, add your panels.

Continue by assembling your base frame with the legs as shown in the video as well as on the building plans. Weather proof and/or paint this however you’d like.

Add your base frame to the bottom of the planter box. Add slats on the bottom of the planter box to hold your plant. Add you plant, and you’re done!

Be sure to check out the building plans by clicking here. These planter boxes are so easy to make and look beyond gorgeous no matter where you put it. 

Have fun building!