Snip A Corner From Some Strips To Make “Smoke & Fire”


Fons & Porter / YouTube


Smoke & Fire

I may have found the easiest project you’ll do this year. Imagine this: simple strips sewn together with a pop of color in the form of a sewn on corner. Easy!

Not only is it easy, it’s a gorgeous block and the final quilt is so unique. It’s definitely something you should add to your collection. Here’s how to do just that.


The quilters at Fons & Porter came up with this awesome block, and they gave us an easy-to-follow video tutorial. It makes the whole thing easy, and you’ll love your finished product.

How It’s Sewn

These blocks are incredibly easy to make. Start by sewing together 3 monochromatic jelly roll strips. Sew them together horizontally. Then, cut those sewn strips into equal squares.

From here, you’ll add a corner (or two or more), to those blocks. Those corners should contrast greatly with the strip blocks. For example, Fons & Porter‘s black and white strips were given red corners.

Once you sew those corners on, trim the original corner off, and press the new block open. Then that’s it, the block is completely finished! Now, it’s time to sew up the final quilt top.

If you’d like, you can create a pattern out of those corners, laying them out to face each other or lay away from one another. It’s as simple as that!

When that’s all sewn together, add your batting, your backing fabric, and any borders or free motion you’d like. Then the quilt’s all done!

Watch the Fons & Porter video below for more tips and tricks on how to get this quilt sewn up perfectly. Good luck and happy quilting!