Single Dad Bonds With Daughters By Learning How To Do Their Hair


thehairdad / Instagram


A relationship between a father and a daughter is usually strong one, but I’ve never seen a bond like this before. Meet Greg Wickherst, A.K.A “The Hair Dad.”

Single dad Greg works as a college admissions officer, but in his spare time, he’s known at “The Hair Dad.” He posts photos and video tutorials online of the hairstyles he does on his 1st-grader, Izzy.


He’s been doing Izzy’s hair since she was about two years old. When he became a single dad, he reached out to cosmetologists at the school where he works, and learned how to style hair.

“After the first time I did a French braid on her, she looked in the mirror, then looked up at me and said ‘You did a good job, daddy.’ That’s the first time I made my daughter proud. As a dad, if you make your daughter proud, you’re like ‘Oh my gosh, I want to keep doing that,’” he said.

Greg himself has been shaving his head for over a decade and could barely do a ponytail when he began, but now does hair all the time for younger daughter Izzy, and his older daughter Jolene.

He runs an Instagram & YouTube page, and teaches other parents how to do hair in mini workshops.

“It’s not about perfection. It’s about being present. Doing your daughter’s hair is not a competition. It’s really just to make her feel confident, make her feel proud, and really a way to help bond with your kids,” he said.

I know that if my dad could do hair like this when I was little, I’d definitely feel pretty proud. I’d be showing this off to everyone!

If you want to learn how to do hair like Greg, click here to follow his Instagram page, and click here to check out his YouTube. I’ve already picked up some tricks!