Simply Gorgeous Cascade Quilt Is Done In A Flash


Missouri Star Quilt Company / YouTube


Easy, Breezy, & Beautiful

When it comes to quilting, I like using patterns that don’t require a ton of effort. In fact, whenever I quilt, I try to find things I can finish super quickly!

This cascade quilt from Missouri Star Quilt Company‘s Jenny Doan couldn’t be easier to make. Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

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Missouri Star Quilt Company / YouTube

How To Make It

This quilt is made incredibly simple by using a binding tool, which you can buy by clicking here. Even if you don’t have that tool, you can create your own to make identical shapes.

It’s beyond easy to make the block once you have the template/tool. Just cut identical strips, then use the tool to create the little slant.

From here, mix and match the strips and sew them together, forming the final block. Sew these blocks together, creating a cascading wave effect. 

Once that’s all added together, you’ve formed your quilt top. Add any borders you’d like, add it to some batting and backing fabric. and you’re done!

With this cascading design, I love adding some free motion stitching to this quilt. Some wavy-looking designs are amazing with this pattern!

Watch Jenny create this stunning quilt in the video below, then it’s time to make your own!


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