Simple-To-Sew Curtains Let You Truly Customize Your Home


Hobby Lobby / YouTube


Customized Curtains

If you’re decorating your house, you know how hard it is to match everything perfectly. Here’s one way to make things a little easier on you: make your own curtains!


By making your own curtains, you can be sure it matches your decor perfectly! So without further ado, let’s make some!

How To Do It

First, you’ll want to do some measurements to get the curtains to fit on to the curtain rod. You’ll also want to do some measurements to see how long you’d like the curtains to be, but add 10 inches to that.

Watch Hobby Lobby‘s video below to learn how to do those measurements properly. Now that we’ve got the hard part out of the way, let’s get the sewing started.

Cut up two equal pieces of fabric for your curtains. You’re going to start with the long side hems, by sewing a 1/2″ double hem. Fold over an inch, making sure it’s the same all the way across.

Press the fold with your iron as you go. Fold the raw edge into the crease, then fold over the original fold again, once again pressing it with your iron. Pin and sew along the inner fold. Repeat on the other edge.

Now, use the same steps for your rod pocket. Instead of doing 1″ to do a 1/2″ hem, fold over 4″ to make a 2″ pocket. Now it’s time to hem the bottom edge of the curtain.

The bottom hem will be the largest, a 3″ double hem from a 6″ fold. This will add weight to the curtain to it hangs straight. Repeat the same process as the other hems to finish this.

Now add your curtains to your curtain rod, hang it up, and you’re done! Customized curtains that match perfectly in your home. What could be better than that?

Watch Hobby Lobby walk you through how to do this in the video below so you do this perfectly. Happy sewing!