Simple Magic Triangle Quilt Is Truly A Work Of Art


afewscraps / YouTube


Quilting Diamonds

Most quilt blocks you see are square. As beautiful as these blocks are, sometimes you want to use that fabric to make something a little more unorthodox.


I recently stumbled upon a block that isn’t a square at all, but the diamonds stacked all together makes a beautiful quilt top.

These diamond-like finished blocks are absolutely stunning. They almost remind me of the top of circus tents. There’s something truly mesmerizing about them.

Luckily, if you want to make these little blocks yourself, it’s pretty easy to do. Just start with a few different fabrics to create a gorgeous 3D effect. 

So, do you want to get started on making your own? Not a problem. YouTube channel afewscraps has got us covered, and Christina Cameli is our teacher. Let’s start making this!

The Quilting

Now technically this is called the magic triangle block, but when you put two of the triangles together, it forms the most beautiful diamond. To get started, let’s focus on the triangles.

The triangles are made out of 6 sun ray looking strips of fabric and a small triangle on the very top. Layer the sun rays over one another to create a rounded shape. 

Then, you’ll trim it to form a straight line on the bottom, and you’ll make a small triangle for the top. Put a block of fabric on the top, sew it on, then trim it into a triangle.

Yes, seriously, it is that easy! Now, face the bottoms of those triangles to one another and sew them in place as shown in the video, and you’ve got your block.

Piece them together like a puzzle to make your beautiful quilt. That’s it! Just add some batting and backing fabric along with any borders and you’re done!

Watch the video tutorial below for more tips and tricks on this quilt, then make your own! Good luck!