Simple Hexagon Stitch Makes Machine Quilting A Breeze


Natalia Bonner / YouTube


When it comes to quilting, finding the right stitch can make all the difference in how your quilt turns out. You either want that stitch to accentuate a block or distract from it.

This super cute stitch acts as a frame. If you have a block with a pattern you absolutely adore, this is the way to highlight it.


Luckily, this stitch is particularly easy to do, especially if you have a long arm. If you don’t have a long arm, you can still easily do this stitch. A ruler with a flat edge as well as a rounded edge helps.

Use your ruler to create equally sized stitches, going around six times to create a hexagon. Once that’s done, use the rounded side of your ruler to create a scalloped pattern on the inside.

YouTuber Natalie Bonner┬áhas created a simple tutorial on how to make this adorable stitch come to life. It doesn’t take a lot of time to do, so if you feel like your quilt is in desperate need of something, this is it.

Watch Natalie create this super cute stitch below and you’ll be doing your own in no time. I want to do this with nearly every quilt now!


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