Simple Half Hexi Braid Block Is Done In Seconds


Missouri Star Quilt Company / YouTube


Easy Half Hexi Braid

Here’s what you’ll need to make these blocks:


How It’s Done

Start by cutting your squares in half. Then, place on your half hexi template, and cut the sides to fit the template. You’ll end up with 2 half hexagons.

Line up the bottom edge of one half hexagon with the side edge of another, then sew them right sides together. On the two edges that meet, add another half hexagon and repeat the process.

Continue doing this to your desired length, and the block is done! Continue doing this until you’ve formed your quilt top. You can add sashing if you’d like to separate the blocks.

After this, add batting, any borders, and backing fabric and you have a finished quilt! 

Need more help putting together this quilt? Watch Missouri Star Quilt Company‘s video below and get quilting!