Simple Fabric Shamrocks Are The Greatest St. Patrick’s Day Decoration


Shabby Fabrics / YouTube


St. Patrick’s Decor

Having people over for St. Patrick’s Day? That means it’s time to decorate, and getting the right decor is a must. Instead of heading to the dollar store, head to your fabric stash and let’s make something!


Since you’re making a shamrock, you’ll probably want to make these green. Obviously, though, you’re welcome to use whatever color or colors you’d like.

In addition to this, you’ll need some hot glue, and some HeatNBond Ultra hold, or any similar product. You’ll also need a ribbon, preferably green, to hang this shamrock up.

Making The Shamrock

Fold up your long strips and use hot glue to create a cross shape for the base of the shamrock. From here, you’ll repeat the process on the open corners.

Eventually, you’ll use the HeatNBond and the hot glue to fold the shamrock into shape. Create the stem and add that to the finished shamrock, and attach your ribbon.

Now you’re done! You can use this method to create all sorts of shapes and designs. No matter what time of year it is, you can find an excuse to make one of these babies.

Watch Shabby Fabrics’ video down below to learn how this is done, then make your own for your St. Patrick’s Day party!