Simple & Clean “Stacks” Pattern Is 100% Free


Jordan Fabrics / YouTube


Whenever I see the words “free pattern” I scramble to wherever the source is. There’s nothing quite like working on a quilt for free. It is free if you bought the fabric a long time ago, right?



Regardless, Jordan Fabrics has some of the best patterns available online. I’ve loved every single one I’ve worked on, and this “stacks” quilt is no different. Plus, the pattern is 100% free!

Creating this interesting quilt involves stitching together a ton of strip sets. Not only is that beyond easy, but it’s done super quickly, too! 

First, make sure you’ve downloaded and printed out the free pattern by clicking here.

Then, it’s all about choosing your fabrics and making sure every strip set comes out differently. Donna Jordan from Jordan Fabrics suggest picking the strips blindly as you sew.

In between each strip, finger press it open, laying the 1/4″ seam to one side so the entire set lays flat. Keep going, sewing on all 5 strips, then you’ll press and cut these apart into smaller strip sets.

Lay out the strip sets until you create your finished arrangement, then stitch them all together. Add any borders you’d like, along with batting and a backing, and your quilt is done!

What free patterns have you found to be as easy as this one?

I bet you can’t name many, if any at all!